The App


from·me (n.)

FROME is a mobile dating application that provides connections and opportunities for people who have become increasingly frustrated with today’s dating world. FROME will make it easier for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company.


  1. When users sign on, they can choose “available today” which will filter all users that want to go on a date that day, or “available this week” which will allow users to set up a date within the next seven days.

  2. When a user sees someone of interest, they will send a date request that suggests a date, time, and place.

  3. Once the receiver confirms the date, the two users are locked to each other for that day.

  4. Save the chit-chat for real life, the messaging function will only open up two hours before the date begins.

  5. Once you meet at your location, the rest is up to you and you can no longer communicate on the platform.

  1. You can only focus on one connection at a time which puts more value on the connections.

  2. You will get to know each other in real life without creating a false narrative of the person while they text.

  3. You will not be overwhelmed with a large list of connections in the app history.

  4. You will be forced to get out in the world and have real conversation.

  5. You will not connect with people who never have an interest in meeting and are only connecting because they are bored.

  6. You will have help with a list of places to go which takes some pressure off of what do we do.


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